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35°33'19.00"N 83° 5'14.09"W; 43°16'21.16"S,171°37'23.64"E

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Hiking & Camping

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Trails are my addiction, be it on two feet, two wheels, or one plank. I am a snowboard/ski pro at a ski resort in North Carolina and Canterbury, New Zealand. The few weeks I'm not on snow I spend mountain biking and hiking in both hemispheres. I have been a huge supporter of getting more choices and better quality womens outdoor gear and educating my fellow outdoorsy girls that you can get great gear made especially for you! Keep riding hard, sisters, and show those boys who's boss!

My setups:
Never Summer Infinity 154, Flow Prima, Ride Sash;
Fischer Hybrid 8.5 TI 161, Fischer Hybrid 10 W
Novara Bliss

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