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MiniCooper_Turbowrote a review of on March 29, 2006

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I bought these boots after trying about 12 different pairs on in the shops. I initially wanted to get the BOA system but settled for this as they were the most comfortable.

I wish I had gotten the BOA. Although these boots are quick to do up, after riding I want to loosen the top section but then have long laces hanging around. Also the clip that is on the end of the laces always falls off whatever you clip it to.

Also the system for holding the inside liner tight is rubbish, it has not stayed tight for more that 10 minutes of riding yet this season and I will have to find a replacement piece for both boots.

Other than that, the boots are comfortable and if I can fix the liner system then they will be good boots to ride in. There also fell stiff enough if tied up tightly.

Not 100% overall satisfied though, I’ll get some BOAs when they come out with the double BOA systems next year.