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Altai (Siberia), Tian Shan, Himalayas

Mila's Bio

What drives me is the dream to climb all the 14 8000ers. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly on the fast track to achieving my goal after badly injuring my spine and breaking a few bones in a recent climbing accident. What's left to do but shop for gear?


Milawrote a review of on June 29, 2011

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It's a not a sleeping bag - it's a house!
I was climbing in the Pamirs (Peak Lenin) in winter 2010 and took the CWM everywhere with me. It performed really well in temperatures between -20-31 Farenheit higher up on the mountain. In -10, though, it was just way too warm, uncomfortably warm. I got the 'regular' length and it was nice and roomy for me (5'7).
I would feel comfortable taking it to the higher evevations of the Himalayas.