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Mikey C

Mikey C

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Mikey C

Mikey Cwrote a review of on January 18, 2008

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I am on my second Lib Tech board. My first was the Jamie Lynn 157 from a few years back. The one with the abstract cat on it. Love the board, rode it about 15 times a year from the year it came out (2000ish) until the 06/07 season. Loved it. This board however... Has the quality gone down? It rides great, I love the way it feels on the mountain, but I'm not so sure of the quality. The first one started de-laminating after the first day I rode it. A small section of the tail cracked and began seperating. Not cool. Now on my second one, the site got it to me real fast, no questions asked. Thank you guys. But now, even the smallest scratch on the top shows up white, like the top of the deck artwork is like a paper thin film? WTF. I'm not sure if my next board will be a Lib-Tech, we'll see how this one holds up after a few years.