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MikeRwrote a question about on February 28, 2012

The new D2 hip arms are attached to the frame using the same hardware as that used to attach the bag bar. The earliest D series packs I have come across always used hardware including plastic bushings. Does anyone know if the original D2 used bushings or does this re-issue hold true the original design for the hip arms?




MikeRwrote a review of on February 28, 2012

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I like the bag a lot. Compared to the original, the bag is superior. Larger zippers can handle a lot more stress without failing, improved shoulder straps. The frame is my only gripe. The way the hip arms are attached is inferior to the original, or at least the earliest models I have seen. The bag seems slightly shorter as well however the earliest model may have been that length. I am beyond thrilled that it is on the market again. If they add the plastic bushings and hardware to connect the hip arms, this pack would be superior to the original in almost every respect.