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Mikewrote a review of on January 25, 2012

Pow Stealth
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I've had a pair of these since 08, and average about 25 days boarding a season.. They have held up great in all conditions. My pair was made before they switched to the gore-tex, so I don't know what the difference is. But I'm buying another pair now just to keep around for whenever my current pair wears out. If ever.

Update: I got the new pair.. and in comparison, I gotta say the new gore-tex version is not as good as the older version with thinsulate. The difference being that the thinsulate version had an extra wrist section that forms a good seal around the wrist opening to keep snow out. The new ones do not have this unfortunately. I know from experience that wrist high gloves without a tight seal, no matter how waterproof the shell is.. will end up soaked on the inside. Changing my original 5 star rating.. down to 2 stars.. Sorry guys.

Image: The glove on the bottom is the old one with the extra wrist sleeve. The new gore-tex is on the top.