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Central PA, Blue Knob Ski Resort

Mike's Bio

I'm just getting back into snowboarding after a long time away and I am really, really excited about it. Hooked up with a Flow setup. The bindings have to be the most important advancement in the sport in years! Can't believe everyone doesn't ride them! My fiance will be learning how to snowboard this year. Should be a heavy snowfall winter!


Mikewrote a review of on February 13, 2013

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Couldn't wait to get these. I'm a big Flow supporter and the NASTY function of the new models lured me in. However, I quicky found a defect in the newer models upon setting them up. The basplate comes off so you can put in your mounting disc (obviously). Problem is, under the screw you remove is a very thin, clear plastic. Upon tightening the screw after mounting the binding, I hear a "CRACK." WTF? I was so pi$$ed. So I stand up and strap in and I hear another "CRACK." Snapped again in another spot of the underside of the baseplate pad! Cannot believe Flow used aluminum in the base itself, around the sides and back, and even made the mounting disc of metal, yet somehow think that in the frigid cold with all of your weight bearing down on it while jumping, carving, or whatever, that somehow that little bit of plastic wouldn't crack. Ended up sending these back as well as the Primas we had just ordered for my wife. Very disappointed.