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MichelePwrote a review of on March 19, 2010

5 5

I ordered this jacket too late, the season is pretty much over where I live. However, I did get to wear it once and I wish I had this years ago. This jacket is pretty awesome. The shape is more fitted, a nice change for a more full-figured woman, rather than the straight jackets that end up gripping or riding up the hips. In addition to the fit and feminine appearance, the jacket is very soft! I'm used to stiff fabrics but this is so much nicer. The feel is soft and deceptively smooth, but no liquids or moisture gets through the gore-tex. The down filling also keeps me very warm and allows me to minimize my warming layers, reducing my bulk. The hood fits over my helmet, but it does not stay up very well. I had it up to protect my neck and face from some very powerful icy winds that were blowing, and while it was up I was impervious to the cold, but it would often get blown down.

There are only two features that I think could be improved upon: the zipper can and does get stuck at the neck, this is due to the delightfully soft fabric, it just catches; No input for earphones or mp3 player. I'm sure later iterations of this jacket will improve on the design, but this is the best money I have spent on snowboard gear.

I chose the firefly color and holy cow, I will never be lost. It is like a lime colored neon highlighter, not subtle but not nauseating.

All in all, despite the high price, this is the best money I've spent on my snowboarding habit! Go Burton! Perfect combo of comfort, style and performance.