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Michaelzenkaywrote a review of on February 26, 2019

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

decent rope overall, I am a bit spoiled by the mammut infinity 9.5mm dry, but lets make the comparison anyways:
After climbing in EPC for a week, I got to use the two ropes side by side in our group (both practically brand new at the start of the trip)
Eagle light is quite a bit heavier (62g/m) than the infinity (59g/m). On paper thats not a big difference, but flaking the two ropes side by side you really notice the extra heft.
KINKY - Still kinky at the end of a weeklong trip, ~10 pitches/day. Below pictures show my buddy and I at a rap station on day 2 with the eagle(green) and infinity(blue) at the same stages in life. Kinks were the source of so much frustration with this rope.

Handling - I would say if the infinity handled like butter, the eagle handled like lard. It handles like a thicker rope, stiffer and not as supple as most of the 9.5s I've climbed on. Decent flow through grigri2, but it doesn't like to move well when you do that flick from taking to paying slack (via holding the cam). Rapping on atc is pretty smooth once the kinks are out.

Overall initial impressions is that it will do the job, but I'm a little underwhelmed.





Michaelzenkaywrote a review of on November 9, 2015

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

If you're going to spring for a rope bag, pass on this one and go for a proper one.

The whole design is awkward and not very well thought out.

If you flake your rope onto the tarp and roll the thing up, your rope is too wide to fit in the pocket, but the buckles are in the right place.

If you flake your rope into the pocket, and roll the thing up, the buckles have been rolled into the bag and are inaccessible.

The shoulder straps are at the widest part of the bag, so after you awkwardly have your rope in the bag, the whole thing kinda just flops around awkwardly with no real form. See Austin Robin's second picture below to see how much empty material there is between the shoulder strap and where the rope sits in the bag.

I would buy 10 ikea bags before I would buy one of these... 10 ikea bags and 3 kilos of frozen meatballs that is... because they cost the same as this bag.

silver lining: the material will stand up to abuse