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Michaelwrote a review of on July 18, 2012

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I bought it because I am going to be traveling through Europe and Asia for the next year. I'll be in the Alps during the beginning of winter, staying indoors and I'll be at the base of the Himalayas from January through May. I'll be sleeping indoors there too so I wont need anything crazy, but I've been told the place that I'm going in northern India doesn't have heaters, so... One of my main concerns was that it packed small, I don't want to lug a huge bed from Europe through Asia. It barely fits into a small sea to summit dry stuff sack which is a little smaller than 16"x11". I can get that to fit on the outside of my bag. The stuff sack that they give you is way too big I think. I'm going to use it to keep my pack organized. It really is shocking that I can fit this thing in the small stuff sack because while it is out on my bed it pretty much covers the whole twin bed like a down comforter. I'm staying in places with beds so I wanted to be able to unzip it and use it like a comforter, it does that perfectly. And when it is zipped up I don't even notice really because there is so much room inside. Granted I'm a pretty small guy, 18" shoulders, 16" waist, and 5'7" height so I get lost in the thing. The down is so fluffy I pretty much float on it when I first crawl in. It's like a bed all on its own, a bed that stuffs down to the size of a travel pillow. Now that's the kind of bed I want to travel with. The material that it is made of is sold. The zipper doesn't have any trouble zipping up, the rip-stop works great. I do get a little frustrated with the zipper while it's at the bottom after you completely unzip it and want to zip it back up again. It's hard to get the two sides of the teeth to line up. They do put a little piece to grab on to to help you out though. I still find it unduly challenging, maybe it's just me. I'll let you know how it fairs up when I take it around the world with me.