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Michael Plesser

Michael Plesserwrote a review of on November 14, 2011

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All right, first off all, the are the most comfortable shoes i have ever worn. They mold to your foot beautifully, even the love bump in the shoe.They flatten out slightly but stay aggressive enough to be a solid shoe on the over hang, while being comfortable enough fir slab. Some dead space in the heel but that goes away if you crank on the laces.The rand above the toe has polished slghtly but shows no sign of wearing out. The loops of the laces have gotten ripped very slightly as I tried to toe hook in vain.
Pros: Comfortable, sticky rubber, great edging, indoors or out, solid smeerer.
Cons: Can't toe hook AT ALL, green dye stains your foot and discolors both your foot and the shoe, Very long laces, toe rubber polishes and flattens out slightly over time making it not have quite such a pointed tip.