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Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander

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Michael Alexander

Michael Alexanderwrote a review of on December 16, 2011

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Getting me a new one this year as my Christmas gift to myself. My first one was purchased in 1980 or 1981. Can't remember which year. Finally gave it away in 2002 when the plastic started smelling cheesy. I didn't take very good care of this tent and it lasted 22 years. I'm only a three season camper, nothing major, but used it 5 or 6 times a year. Extremely functional design, weather resistant (one of the great joys of camping, for me, is being stuck inside the VE25 during a huge rainstorm/lightning thunderstorm/hailstorm. You feel safe, secure, and the inside of the tent is quiet). North Face appears to have made some minor improvements since I bought my first VE25, so I'm looking forward to the camping season in 2012 (for me, it's late March to Mid April, then late June through mid November. Most of my camping is in the Adirondacks). From what I recall, the price hasn't changed much. I think I paid about $400 bucks for it in 1980. Bought it in Manhattan, I think in Paragon Sports. Only got stuck in a snowstorm once in it (I'm not a winter camper) and it performed admirably. It's really the gold standard in tents. There are better tents for really serious all year mountain madmen, and lesser tents for families, the occasional weekend, etc., but this is the best, most durable, and best designed all purpose tent for the serious outdoor camper. Oh, yeh, once I got the hang of it, it was very easy to put it up by myself. Light enough to carry on the pack. Not a true lightweight, but you get so much more for the extra 2 pounds or so. Work out a little more before the trip and it won't be a problem. Phenomenal for two, very comfortable for three. You can do a four person weekend if it's just you, the wife, and two kids--and everyone understands the rules about packing for a camping trip. Enjoy. It's the tent to go with.