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From the Rockies, spending this season in the Sierras

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is there anything greater then skiing and snowboarding? seriously, there is nothing better in life then snow.


Mattywrote a review of on January 17, 2010

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I've riden a lot of boots in my time and im known to destroy them. 7 pairs of 32s in 2 years level of destruction. They are super comfy, fit my feet perfectly. They do pack out but only a little. Despite only packing out a little they still get softer in time. They tighten up quite well. They feel amazing just walking in. In terms of performance they are amazing! Just stiff enough to be super responsive and sturdy off of kickers; soft enough to press the hell out of them. They are without a doubt the most durable boots i have ever used. The only boots i have ever riden that lasted a whole season. In this case, longer then a single season. The only signs of wear and tear are a few wrinkles in the leather, which any boot would get when you flex it tons. These boots never cease to amaze me. Like i said i am a boot destroyer, but it took almost a season and a half of riding every single day, riding hard every day, to get some heal lift in these. I will admit i snapped the laces on both boots but they are very easy to re-lace. Infact, the only complaint i have about them is that the locker on the inner liner pull string likes to come undone while tying the boots. Nothing big though. Seriously, these things are amazing. I'd be surprised if you found anyone who would say otherwise. I have yet to meet anyone who does.