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Mattttwrote a review of on June 23, 2010

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I've been climbing for about a year and a half. The first pair of shoes I had were 5.10 Gambits. I loved them, but since they were my first pair, I took horrible care of them as I had a lot to learn. To keep it brief, I put off buying new shoes because I didn't want to rely on equipment to become a better climber. I finally broke down and got these and wish I would have months ago.
These shoes are incredible. I've owned them for about two months and climbed with them inside and out. First off, this is my first pair of velcro shoes and will never buy lace ups again. This shoe is so snug and fits just right without causing any pain. I can sit in my harness trying to figure out a problem or catch my breath for long periods of time without ever feeling any discomfort from these shoes. When I reach the ground again, they're off in seconds without any struggle.
It goes without saying 5.10's Stealth Onyx rubber is amazingly sticky while retaining its strength. They have a nice, sturdy and comfortable heel for hooking. Toe space is snug but not too tight. The edges are great, I am able to use the smallest of holds where it would be impossible in my old shoes. After I got these shoes, I actually improved quite a bit thanks to the help of these.
I want to keep this brief so you'll read it. I love these shoes and recommend trying them on.