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Matthewwrote a review of on March 14, 2012

These Boots ROCK!!!
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When I first bought these boots my mentality was, "If I'm spending this much money on a pair of boots they had better last FOREVER and go ANYWHERE!" And the latter is definitely true! I've only had these boots a couple of months, so I cannot yet comment on how long they last. However, they are waterproof, and they do go anywhere.

I did a two-night hike which included going over Roan Mountain, TN; descending into Hughes Gap; and descending into Iron Mountain Gap where I put these boots through snow, ice, mud, leaves, pine needles, roots (both wet and dry), rocks (both wet and dry), dirt, gravel, grass, and every combination above--and I do mean EVERY combination. To top it off, I did all this with my dog tied to the hip belt of my pack and pulling me up the climbs and down the descents. These boots held their own! They didn't slip on anything. Even on slick, wet, rugged descents when my dog yanked the leash right as I took a step, these boots kept great traction.

If you face the same dilemma I went through where you can find the TPS in stores, but you can't find a store with the Power Matic in stock anywhere, this is my advice to you: The TPS is the same sizing as the Power Matic. So, go into a brick-and-mortar store and try on the TPS. Once you know what size fits you in the TPS then order the same size in the Power Matic. The Power Matic is definitely worth it!

Another thing to note about this boot, the arch support is noticeably more prominent in the Power Matic than in the TPS. This being said, the way the arch support is constructed in the Power Matic will force your feet into a proper gait and stride--especially with YOUR TOES POINTED FORWARD! If you walk with your toes pointed inward (pigeon-toed) or if you walk like I used to with your toes pointed outward (duck-footed), then your feet will throw a fit. Once you point your toes forward and assume a proper gait and stride then these boots will be one of the most comfortable boots you'll ever wear.

The micro-pulley system is great for keeping even pressure around the foot, and it does wonders in helping you get your foot in and out of the boot on cold mornings when the leather is stiff.

These boots do take some time to break-in, but all boots do. If you need to treat them at all, use Sno-Seal.

Last but not least, before I bought these boots I read many reviews talking about how the toes scuff easily. The scuff marks don't change the functionality of the boot. If you are the kind of person who does not like to get your hiking boots dirty, these are not the boots for you.