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Matthew Sheedy

Matthew Sheedy

Matthew Sheedy

Matthew Sheedywrote a question about on July 22, 2011


Very new to boarding (done a few days and loved every minute!) and I'm looking at buying a board and bindings.

I am 6.1, weigh 180 pounds and just purchased a pair of 11.5 Ozones (so 10.5 with footprint reduction tech).

I am looking at buying a Burton Blunt, maybe the 158cm, but I noted that maybe I should be getting a board over 160cm, and I am right on the reccomended 180pounds. Should I go for the 159cmWIDE or the 162cmWIDE instead?

And would Burton Mission EST Snowboard Bindings 2011 suit this board?

Cheers in advance, I am getting super excited to get back to the mountain!