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Matt's Passions



Mattwrote a review of on March 18, 2010

Great Skins, still need improvements though!
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I am an avid split boarder, average about 80 days splitting each winter, so my gear gets put through all the trials one can imagine.My main complaint is the actual cheat sheets. While they do make it easier to pull the skins apart, my cheat sheets have constantly fallen apart leaving small bits of cheat sheet in my skin glue. We are talking about tiny little black flecks all over, not to mention to full length of strings coming off almost every time I pull them off the skin.This has really made my skins less sticky due to the excess debris the cheat sheets are leaving on them. It's also a pain in the ass to try and pick out the pieces, not to mention, my cheat sheets are pretty much worthless now because they are getting pretty narrow due to the strings falling out.Voile really needs to look at Black Diamond's, or someones cheat sheets, cause these are pretty much a waste of money, and will slowly ruin your skin glue.Also, SKINS NEED A TAIL CLIP!