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Mattwrote a review of on March 24, 2010

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Great build quality same water tight closure as Eos with the benefit of wide angle beam great for close work!

I own Black Diamond - 'Moonlight', Petzl 'Duo', Tikka XP, 'MyoXpBelt', Princeton Tec - 'Eos', 'Aurora' and now 'Quad'

I believe in having light when you need and since I found Head lamps that is all I use. So I just leave a headlamps on my helmets, in my jacket, and work bag.

I would recommend buying a headlamp with a battery integrated into the front unless it is on a helmet. So when you stick your head in a tight space it fits and you can still see. With a helmet you can be more force full and stay comfortable.
The Petzl diffusers on my Tikka and Myo work Great for close work and move for pre-focused beam, the Eos does not have this facility and so is a bit too focused for close reading.

For general use, or your first headlamp :) I would highly recommend the Quad.