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Martywrote a review of on August 2, 2012

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For a while I've been looking for a good solid leather walking boot. Nothing fancy just a good leather boot that's going to last a long time. It seems they are getting harder to find in Australia with all the synthetic 'this an that' on the market today. The Gortex lining on this boot was an added bonus for me rather than a requirement.

Buying online from Oz was a bit of a risk for me but the reviews were good and the ones that weren't suggested they wern't for wide feet. Well I've got narrow size 13's so I hoped they would fit fine.

Well they fit like a glove. They're solid and very supportive yet super supple since they've been walked-in. I've now snow-sealed them and they're ready for the hikes and trails which I'm yet to do.

So I'm very impressed after wearing them for 3 weeks straight. I'll comment back once I've done my first big walk/hike in them.