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Mark  from Salol, MN

Mark from Salol, MN

Mark  from Salol, MN

Mark from Salol, MNwrote a review of on February 15, 2006

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I am a backcountry skier that skis mostly on the flat, but I have to cross steep ravines frequently. The cables make the ski tips very controllable when maneuvering through a pow-filled ravine, and I can stow the cables when I am on the flat. I also have 3-pin cables on my very skinny combi skis. I have them mounted on a 44mm ski with 12mm shims under them to prevent booting out and they skate well even without the cables. With the cables engaged it turns into an awesome skating binding. I have had NNN BC bindings, and they didn't last and gave me grief for the brief moment they were in useful service. The 75mm binding works well, has good durability, and no one builds them better than Voile.