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Mark Phelan

Mark Phelan

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Mark Phelan

Mark Phelanwrote a review of on March 19, 2010

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I've used several different water filters over the years, Still have a nice Katadyn Pocket pump that has been serviced and ready for action. After having used the Base Camp on an ten day trip at Philmont back in 2005, I'll never use another one again. This couldn't be simpler. Scoop up the water, hang it from a limb and hook the tube into an Ortleib 2L water bag for the simplest and easiest filtration ever devised by man. We took two base camps, two Ortlieb water bags and the filters lasted twelve guys for ten days, being used several times per day. The filters never needed replacing.

For the ultimate protection, we also used MSR Sweetwater drops in each water bag before filling up from the Base Camp. Never had anyone get sick or the runs, just pure, clean water. I'll never forget the comment from a friend of mine who went on the same trip a week prior about how much of a pain it was to always be pumping water and how much time it took away from enjoying the trip. Use your brains people and let gravity do the work on your next trip.