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Marcus, Portland OR

Marcus, Portland OR

Marcus, Portland OR

Marcus, Portland ORwrote a review of on February 4, 2011

5 5

This is a great jacket, loaded with features and pockets galore.

• Removable powder-skirt. Powder-skirts are great on the mountain but a PITA around town. I love being able to zip it on and off.
• Super waterproof. I've worn it on the freeway in a rainstorm, in January, in Portland. Cold, wet, and 60 mph + winds if you're on a motorcycle. It kept me toasty, warm and dry.
• Hood is large enough to accommodate a snowboarding helmet. (But not large enough for a motorcycle helmet.)

• Zipper flaps at top and bottom are a bit awkward. I'm not sure what purpose they serve. Not a deal-breaker though.