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M. Eric Watson

M. Eric Watson

M. Eric Watson

M. Eric Watsonwrote a review of on December 6, 2004

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Although a bit delicate (don't drop it in the snow) this is a very accurate and reliable beacon-I personally found it the easiest to use and understand- it's use is simple and precise, saving precious moments while in search mode (I have not used it yet in a real emergency situation-thankfully,) I wouldn't use any other beacon to locate my riding partner or fellow skiers/boarders in distress-the most accurate I've tried. Accurate and the longest most reliable range of any beacon-we practice frequently-fun game BTW-and we can locate this little guy under 6 ft. of snow from 60 meters within 10 minutes or less!!! A bit larger than most-and as I said keep it dry and careful switching batteries, which also BTW lasted 2 weeks when I forgot to turn it off...DOH!-checked it-it still had a 99 percent battery power indication-AWESOME! This is an incredible beacon-next to my board and backpack, this is my best backcountry friend-I trust my life and my partners with it 100%; well worth 300 bones. If you snowmobile or your 'better half' does and you want them to return home after a really bad day in the hills-get 'em this guy-and feel safe knowing they WILL be found alive!!! Nuff said...
(Truly all beacons work superb, any working beacon is a good beacon-I just like this one best; easy,accurate,superior range, one of the first companies making beacons)