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LuvOutdoors F.

LuvOutdoors F.wrote a review of on January 31, 2016

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First I want to start my review by singing the praises of Patagonia. They definitely are a quality company, which stands behind their products...and they have excellent hardware on the products.

First I will outline the pros to this jacket, which i s a shell.

1. It is Gore-tex -- great, great, great.

2. It has a front two-way zipper -- great, great, great. If you are on the shorter side, it really helps to make adjustments to the fit.

3. It has a huge number of zippered pockets. This is phenomenal for securing supplies. I think I may have counted six or seven zippered pockets. Two large hand-warmer zipped pockets, and two relatively large zippered chest pockets. Great!

4. The jacket has pit-zips. Great.

Now let me list the con's to this jacket.

1. The fit is so, so snug -- ridiculously tight! I had a long-sleeved cotton tee on, tried on a size large, and it felt so uncomfortably tight. There is no way I would have been able to layer a fleece under the shell.

I don't know who is sizing these "slim fits" for women's jackets, but I wish they would stop. By the way, I have always been described a petite, small, slim. No way has ever called me big, oversized or suggested that I lose twenty pounds.

2. A bad case of "sleeve droop." The cuffs do need half elastic with a velcro strap for tightening. As designed now, the sleeves only have velcro. The sleeve are long, and the wearer get an uncomfortable case of "sleeve droop."

3. The jacket is cut too long. I always like some covering on the derriere for sitting on chairlifts and while skiing. Patagonia just made this jacket a few inches too long.

4. Patagonia could save some money by not designing a powder skirt inside the jackets. I have never found these powder skirts comfortable and have never used one.

To conclude, I have been looking for a ski jacket/shell for a long time. I always like to do my own layering. I wish I could find one from Patagonia with a front two-way zipper and generous cut to accommodate layering.