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Luke Shelley

Luke Shelley

New England, Colorado, Tahoe, Argentina, Chile

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Hiking & Camping

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The mind is a powerful thing, what you think you become.

Luke Shelley

Luke Shelleywrote a review of on February 25, 2012

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This bag is the perfect carry-on for airplanes. With this I have been able to bring everything I need for weekend business trip to a weeklong ski trip (When combined with the Hi Roller from Dakine). The Over-Under is the work horse of my luggage doing double and triple duty covering everything from vacations, to work trips to weekends at the in laws.
The expandable feature adds a considerable amount of space and although most airlines wont allow it expanded during the check-in process, it has come in handy many times when moving from resort to resort or weekend car trips. I have flown with this bag over 20 times and NEVER have I had a problem having it allowed as a carry-on when not expanded, even if it is stuffed to the brim.
The wheels are durable and the handle is a comfortable height.
If you are getting one bag for travel to pair with a ski or snowboard bag...this is it.