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Luke Senerchia

Luke Senerchia

Luke Senerchia

Luke Senerchiawrote a review of on November 2, 2011

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I received these as a gift from my girlfriend and immediately liked them due to the awesome styling on them. The sound is definitely good but they market these as having HUGE bass and this isn't really the case. My main concern with Skullcandy as a whole, is that they are putting too much money into the styling and letting the quality suffer as a result. Both of each speaker is only connected to the padded top by an incredibly small sliver of plastic (Were talking 12 mm X 1mm.) If you are used to slightly stretching the headphones off of your head, you will most likely break these headphones. The "leather" wasn't properly sewn in and started to disadhere quickly. Both of my speakers fell entirely off. Unless you are going to treat these like a baby, I can't recommend them.

Please Skullcandy! Your products look amazing now please make them perform like headphones and not wishbones! This is my second and last pair of Skullcandy headphones