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Luke Mehall

Luke Mehall

Luke Mehall

Luke Mehallwrote a review of on February 10, 2012

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I'm super psyched on this pack, and have no regrets about the purchase. I'm not a guide or an alpine climber, just a regular climber, and this pack has been perfect for day trips; even for Indian Creek, where we stuff as many cams in our packs as possible.

That said using it as a Creek pack is probably pushing it. A bigger pack is probably ideal for that use if you don't want to strap the big cams on the outside.

For most "normal" areas where you don't need a thousand cams the Guide 35+ is bomber. Super comfortable. Nice features like the rope strap at the top and pockets on the strap. I dig this pack, and I'm packing it up, for tomorrow's climbing adventure.