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LonJeawrote a review of on January 19, 2010

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Previously had a pair of Spy Orbits. Problem is I have a small nose bridge and there was a large gap between my nose and the goggles. Also was considering getting Oakley A-Frames in "asian fit". Ended up going with the Smith I/OS and these fit perfectly. They have GREAT peripheral, Note: By peripheral I am not simply talking horizontal view. The Smith I/OS had pretty much the same horizontal peripheral vision as the Spy Orbits, but the I/OS' vertical peripheral view totally blows the Spy Orbits away. I find myself not having to turn my head up or down as far to look around which results in less strain. Also, these goggles did not fog on me. My previous Spy Orbits would fog up, not just inside the lens, but between the lenses as well. This was very annoying in snowy conditions. The Smith I/OS on the other hand, did not fog at all with a full face mask on in cold snowy conditions. Then after the sun went down, swapping out to the other lens was perfect. Awesome goggles!!