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LisaMcD1@msn.comwrote a question about on August 3, 2011

Thanks Dwayne; *I still don't know the size of these tent stakes...Do you?* I do understand that about the stakes, but, having a large cabin tent (Eureka 15' x 12'), I just want to be sure, I won't pull "a Dorothy" in The Wizard of Oz," lol!
I bought these & several other really good tent stakes already; (for several different terrain & weather types)! I live in FL & the wind, esp.@ the beach or with rain, is way up there!


LisaMcD1@msn.comwrote a question about on August 3, 2011

How long are these tent stakes?

(*I don't know why most tent stakes are so short???...
I expected them (any tent stakes) to be at least 8-10"...I haven't found any to be that long except the NRS Blue Screws; sand stakes, etc.).
I just would feel "safer" with stakes that are a little bit longer than what I've been finding them!
*Maybe I should call the Companies that make them... ;)


LisaMcD1@msn.comwrote a review of on July 31, 2011

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I'm addicted to Coast Del Mar sunglasses, they look great on and they really last forever. So, while you might think that they're kind of expensive, as long as you put them back in the case they come with, after you're done wearing them, they WILL last a long time!

IF they don't give you a case anymore, just buy one, it pays for itself...They'll protect your sunglasses and help to remind you to bring them back home with you! These are really great sunglasses...They'll reduce or eliminate the the glare, especially while out on the water (boating); They are made especially for while out on the water.

Costa Del Mar sunglasses makes a big difference; they're not like the others. Classic Styles, comfort & protection.

I'll wear them all day long and forget that I'm even wearing sunglasses. They "feel" better on than my own eyeglasses. Everything looks crisper, cleaner, like a photogragh. They also make you look like a million dollars (great styles!) and look great on!

I'm in LOVE...well...2nd to my husband! ; )