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Steeprock preserve..New Milford CT..and any surrounding town

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I am a mother of 4.. I used to run to chase after the boys on the bike, while pushing a baby carriage, now.. a few years later, I run because I LOVE IT! I have run 2 marathons, and will run another in the fall.. really 26.2 miles of peace and quiet.. all the hours of training, no one asking "Mommy, can I...?" I love the trail running, its a challenge and so peaceful to see deer at the river, and then pop out onto a back road and see horses, but still be close enough to home.


Linda_Mwrote a review of on March 21, 2010

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what else it there to say? I usually wear knee brace(s) on my knee(s) - depends on the day.. i found there is enough support with these that i dont have to wear the braces - which slip or if on too tight leave velcro burn.. my legs feel like I could run even more miles than I have.. my longest run with these tights was a 9 miler, and my legs felt like they could have done more! If only I had had more time that day! I also like they "color" so much better than plain black.. gives it a kinda "kooky runners" look - my kids tell me they make me look fast!! these are definitely in the "training schedule" rotation of running gear for my next marathon - most likely race day tights, too!