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Lewis Kuppler

Lewis Kupplerwrote a review of on December 31, 2010

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There isn't much choice around but luckily these are a good, durable quality. They require a little work with cutting and fitting, but if your looking at these already you used to work with back country snowboarding. I am completely happy with them only used them 5 or so times so far this season, so I cant speak for the longevity of them but so far they still look like I would expect them to look after a few heavy days out in the cold. They are like any other skin though if they get super cold they will want to stick together but mine came with a separator mesh sheet which is fantastic. I assume they all come with that mesh. It kept them from sticking together in ten below out in the badlands of the Dakotas, so I was impressed. The lack of a tail clip hasn't been an issue yet, time will tell on that front as they get used and abused. All in all regardless of little to no other option for us back country boarders, were lucky that this product is more then decent.




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