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Leewrote a review of on April 15, 2016

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I just purchased this new 2016 version of the Mt. 25 tent, to have on hand as a backup, or be able to loan it to friends who occasionally backpack with me. It's worth noting, that I already own a 2015 version of the Mt. 25 and a 2014 version of the VE25. Both tents are exceptional and complete bomb shelters. Both are true 4 season tents built to withstand very high winds and very heavy snow loads in the most extreme weather. The high quality and durability of these tents is very apparent right when you just begin to unpack and handle them. So anyway, I set it up the new Mt. 25 right away in my basement to check it out. I was dissapointed by several changes I noticed. First off, I noticed the stuff sack no longer has the 3 built-in cinch straps with the buckles. The new stuff sack has just one strap sewn on length-wise with several loops along it to put straps through and lash to your pack. Not a huge deal, but I like the older stuff sacks better. I was really excited about the new color scheme on the fly, with the contrasting bright yellow and jet-black diamond panels on the 2016 model. Well, the stock photos look great BUT, in reality, the panels on the fly are actually quite muted. The panels are a very pale, mustard color and a darkish-gray color. Not nearly as impressive as in the stock photos. I expected the contrast of the yellow and black to really pop, but they don't. The material the fly is made of is noticeably thinner and seems much more fragile than the flys on my other 2 NF tents mentioned above. In fact, the fly on the new tent is actually translucent and you can see your hands right through it when you hold it. It is very similar to the (lighter weight) material the tent body is made of. The tent body is very similar to my 2015 version of this tent but with some not-so-great changes. The 2 black spacer "sponges" on the outer tent walls that keep the fly from touching the tent body are now gone. The mesh in the ceiling vents and doors is much lighter-duty than on my 2 other NF tents. It would not take much to damage the new mesh at all. The large mesh pockets on the inside of the tent are still great, but I only counted 6 and on the new model and in my older tent there are 8. With all that said, it is indeed a Summit Series NF tent with a lifetime warranty. I guess time will tell if it will hold together as well as the older models. I ended up returning this tent to Backcountry, and they were great, no hassles. I will be purchasing more gear from BC when the need arises. Good people to deal with!