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Lee Sheftel

Lee Sheftelwrote a review of on May 20, 2012

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If you're looking for the ultimate sport climbing rope, this one is IT! Has all the advantages of a fatter cord with much less weight and rope drag. I have had this rope for two years, with at least 150 climbing days on it and it still the sheath is intact with minimal wear. The greatest advantage of such a thin rope is not so much the weight but rather the virtual elimination of signficant rope drag. The difference is amazing. So imagine you are red pointing a 100 ft. steep sport pitch where the rope winds it way thru 13 or 15 quick draws and you go to pull up the rope and it's EASY. Seems like you just eliminated at least 10 pounds of effective weight! This rope also handles beautifully and compacts into a small package.

Only Cons: You probably should use a Grigri 2 rather than the older one although the older one will work on it. It's definitely harder to boink on but a prusik will solve that problem. It should be reserved for on sighting and redpointing as opposed to the "workout cord". Since it's intended purpose is for the former, that way it will last even longer.