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Laura Fryer

Laura Fryer

Laura Fryer

Laura Fryerwrote a review of on February 22, 2011

I have a new trick up my sleeve!
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i have made a lot of investments for Lucy since she arrived (8 days late!) and the KangaKid is by FAR the best one in my bag of tricks. Lucy started riding in the KangaKid at about 14lbs, when she had good head control, and she loves it. I use the bag for farmer's markets, hikes (it is really comfy, esp because Lucy is now almost 20 lbs!) , and I used it for travel through the airport at the holidays. The backpack is a great diaper bag! It has great zip pockets, in all sizes, and is easy to organize for the one reach action. The best part of the Kangakid is that the straps are easy to adjust, I can wear it and then my husband can use it with little fuss.