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Laahwrote a review of on December 1, 2004

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I was pretty impressed with this shirt, I was heading to Guatemala in the summer, and wanted to invest in a shirt that…(like the description says) retains heat, works with body’s natural temps, fails to attract odor etc. I was a bit apprehensive to purchase such (by my frugal standards) an expensive base layer. Well I took a risk and bought it and found it to be one of the best items I took on my trip, I was particularly satisfied during those chilly nights at higher altitudes. I wore this shirt everyday (no exaggeration) it served as regular shirt, a sweater, and most importantly my towel (I obviously pack light) and honestly it never began to stink (kinda eerie). The shirt looks ALMOST as good as the day I first received it, but then again it has gone though a considerable amount of wear, it’s maintained its original shape, nothing has become over stretched, no fading, thinning, Nada! The half zip front is a plus, the long collar is great, and pretty stylish when worn fully zipped. It almost feels like jersey cotton, lightweight, and perhaps the coolest thing of all… the thumb loops at the end of the sleeves. I would suggest this shirt for anyone traveling light, layering efficiently, engaged in strenuous activities and willing to invest in a good piece of clothing.
One more thing… it’s a bit form fitting,yet flattering for a women’s shape, but if you like shirts a little bit roomier or plan on layer-up underneath, then I'd suggest ordering one size larger.