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LLwrote a review of on November 30, 2009

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This is a great boot I am in the Alaska Bush and have to walk to & from work (20 min each way, Ice & snow covered streets - they have to be so people can ride their snowmachines to get around). the coldest I have used this boot is -15 thus far and my feet have been just right (not too toasty & nowhere near cold)
I have also just been wearing regular socks or a coolmax (moisture wicking sock) which seems to work fine so far.
As it gets colder I will wear a wool blend for extra warmth - which I have done even though I didn't need to and my feet still didn't over heat & stayed at a good comfortable temp.

I got the womens equivelant for my wife and she loves them so much.

These boots are good grip - heave duty - & I love the height which is just a couple inches above a regular short winter boot, this height seems to offer good support round the anckle for any unexpected slips in the snow or ice; Even though you probable won't slip cause the grip feels pretty secure.




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