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Kyle Dizzle

Kyle Dizzle

Kyle Dizzle

Kyle Dizzlewrote a review of on December 18, 2012

Socks don't go on your head
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So i got to try my socks once they were posted from Dogfunk. And i have to say, they are true to their title.

I tried to put them on my hands, but something was just not right.
I won't even get started on what happened when i tried to put them on my head, let's just say; it was an unsuccessful experience that ended in me reaching for my inhaler.

Once on my feet however; they fit like a 'sock' (not a 'glove', as previous point was made in regard to that event). All toes, feet, shin and calves were covered by the product, and felt rather comfortable in the process.
There were very minimal leg hairs protruding from between the fibres of the product, which i find to be unsightly. Usually the only solution to this is to shave/wax legs. But now i don't have to do this, as the highback socks solve the problem.

Warmth was of a high level also, except this result may be slightly warped due to it being the middle of summer in Australia right now.

All in all, a quality sock at just the right height that i feel will withstand many a day of mountain abuse and washes. And will save you a fortune in leg wax, waxing strips and/or razors.