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Kris Palczewski

Kris Palczewski

B-LO, NY is my hood. I ride Kissing Bridge or at Holiday Valley

Kris Palczewski's Bio

My life long best friends got me started in middle school in the ski club program. I've been ridin with them ever since. Sadly I was never able to find that snow bunny to ride with :( lol. So far this has been my best season with almost 150 hours of shreddin. Whether its only a couple hours or from open till close I'm just out havin fun and rackin up the hours.

Right now I'm rockin the sky blue aperture parallax coat with bright yellow donon baggy pants with suspenders. Im lookin through oakley a frame goggles shreddin down the hill. Hopin to upgrade to custom made splice goggles, NEFF daily gloves bright red, and 32 lashed boots red/white.

As far as the ride goes it's a work in progress. I've been ridin a 5150 for a couple years, and definitely want a better board, with new burton cobrashark bindings to the 2010-2011 season. As for a new board idk yet... im stuck between a bunch...

DC PBJ, Ride DH2-Kink-Crush, Rossignol Retox Amptek-Trickstick Amptek... sizes around 150

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