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Klynwrote a review of on October 10, 2009

5 5

I got this snowboard last year (and it was much more expensive :(... ) the dealer that i got it from said it was a huge upgrade. from freestyle to all mountain. if you want to go fast and not lose control of your board THIS IS IT. i had problems with my last snowboard, if i hit a certain speed it'd shake. this board has no problem bombing down a mountain at all. I chose this over the mens burton custom. I don't regret it at all... other then the fact that i got it a little big and it can be hefty to lift and turn. so if you plan on doing freestyle go for a smaller size.
* It turns beautifully
* Rides over bumps like they aren't there
* Floats down the mountain
* Loads of "pop" when you take of a jump
* Has won me a couple of races :)
I plan on keeping this board for another 2 years if they don't improve the model even more.