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Kiwi Climber

Kiwi Climber

Auckland, New Zealand

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Mountaineering for 8 years.Instructing for the Auckland Section of the NZAC's introductory SnowCraft Course for 4 years.

Kiwi Climber

Kiwi Climberwrote a review of on October 2, 2008

2 5

I bought this bag for summer alpine trips when the temp is unlikely to dip below 15deg F in New Zealand. First time I used it the temp was about 60F - too hot for this bag and since there is no way to vent your feet I cooked. Next trip it was around 40 deg. Only just warm - this is the bags lower comfort limit. Then I went snow caving - temp 32F - wore 3 layers, hat, 2 sleeping mats & wrapped a down jacket over my hips. I reckon this is near the bag's extreme limit. So much for 15F rating! There is a reason why this bag is lighter than it's competitors. It's not as warm. Bring on the European bag rating system.




Kiwi Climber

Kiwi Climberwrote a review of on January 16, 2008

5 5

Just come back from a trip involving ice climbing, climbing an icy 10,000ft peak, scrambling on loose chossy rock & hiking. These boots did great at all. A bit stiff & hot for the hiking though but very grippy on rock. I would advise a few easier days in them 1st out to break them in & upgrade the inner soles. Saw heaps of pro guides wearing these.