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King J the Magnificent

King J the Magnificent

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King J the Magnificent

King J the Magnificentwrote a review of on March 25, 2010

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Wow. This thing rocks. It's warm and comfortable and packs really small considering 2 people can use it. Very light and perfect for a backpacking couple that can't tolerate sleeping in separate cocoons. It's light not because of skimping on down, but because (like other BigA bags) there is no down on the bottom where you don't need it - the pad keeps you warm. Having this double-bag means one less object to put in your packs (1 sleeping bag instead of 2) and there is no meaningful weight penalty (weighs right around what 2 individual bags weigh). My sig-o has bad knees, so this helps us cover more ground because she doesn't have to carry a bag. She's also addicted to cuddling, but that's another story that is outside of the scope of this review.Construction is typical Big Agnes - high quality all the way around (materials, assembly, design), no cutting corners. Has under-the-head-sleeves that can be stuffed with whatever you got to make pillows. Has removable neck gaiters for when it's really cold. We are currently using the size Small Thermarest Ridge Rest pads, but it would be better to have the Regular size if you want the pad to cover all the way down to your feet. Comes with a compression sack and a big cotton storage sack; there are no hidden costs here.Truly one of our favorite pieces of gear that we own.