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Kiley Laws

Kiley Laws

the misty mountains of Colorado

Kiley Laws

Kiley Lawswrote a review of on July 23, 2012

But after a while it becomes a part of you...
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"Like a new pair of underwear... at first, it's restrictive, but after a while it becomes a part of you." -Garth Algar

But seriously, I usually wear a size 7.5, so I went up to an 8. It was a good choice.

At first I was worried because, while they were about a cm. too long for my feet, they were also super narrow and a little uncomfortable.

I decided to commit, and wore them all the time for about a week and now they fit like a dream. The canvas fabric stretched out and formed to the contours of my feet. I wear them out, to work, on the boat, they're great for any occasion. They're so damn comfortable, I couldn't be more pleased.

They're also adorable, I get compliments all the time.