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Rome Targa Bindings


Kevinwrote a review of on July 28, 2009

5 5

These bindings are awesome. I didn't know bindings could feel this good. Having gone from cheapo rental bindings to these for my first board setup, having your own gear makes a world of difference. Using these, this is the first time I have come away from a snow trip not feeling sore all over my ankles (Can't believe I put up with the pain for so long!). There are no pressures points no matter how tight I do the ratchets up.

The toe conformist strap I was a little dubious about, but upon mounting the bindings on my board and trying them out saw the genius in Rome's design. Given the option of either over the top of the toes or around the ends of the boot, the rubber toe straps stretch over the boot fitting and holding the boot down perfectly. I like to place them somewhere in between over the top of the foot and over the very ends of the toes.

The bottom of the bindings has a rubber layer so it won't scratch the crap out of your board.

Overall, I don't have much to compare against, but these bindings haven't done me any wrong!