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Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson

Alyeska, Turnagain Pass, Hatchers Pass, Thompson Pass, Stevens Pass

Katie Anderson's Bio

I snowboard, split board, rock climb (bouldering and sport), mountain bike, kayak, hike, camp, and generally do any other type of frolicking, romping and recreating that sounds like fun :)

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Katie Anderson

Katie Andersonwrote a review of on February 18, 2014

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I bought the Pieps Freeride a couple years ago. During an AIARE Avy 1 course this weekend, the instructor informed me that the Freeride should not be used to conduct searches because having 1 antenna makes them far less accurate and more difficult to use. The beacon has an arrow on the screen, which becomes larger as you search, but the arrow is not directional - it only communicates signal strength. Super confusing/frustrating (as I've experienced during practice searches) if you think following the arrow will help lead you to your buried buddy. The beacon is still useful for being found, so would work well for a dog or a child that won't be searching. Outdoor Gear Lab has a great review of this beacon, if you'd like more information.