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Kathywrote a review of on February 27, 2009

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I bought this bag because it was comfortable, was black (I use it for work) and because it did not have the 'mesh style' backs and straps that are fashionable now, but which cause some clothing fabrics to pill, scuff and tear. I do not overpack my bag, it has only been used in day-to-day city life and it is 6 months old. However it has split between the padded back and the base - and is now unusable. Because it was bought in a location outside of where I am living now it is difficult to get a replacement. I have not found North Face at all helpful as a company in this respect (i.e. in assisting me with a replacement or refund). Looking at the bag it is obvious that it needs a thicker fabric at the base and a more resilient method of stitching the base to the back. I have been looking at others' comments to see if I am the only one with this problem and I see I am not. Pity because other than this it is a good bag.