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Karenwrote a review of on September 6, 2011

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I really do love this sleeping bag. I did a ton of research before my Mt Kilimanjaro climb about bags, and although my group slept in huts rather than tents several people were awfully cold in their bags as we approached the summit. This bag was fluffy and super warm, and crawling into it felt absolutely decadent. When I unrolled it at each camp I would gleefully think about getting into it that night and snuggling up. I wasn't cold for one second of one evening. It is, however, quite large and took up a significant amount of space in my pack. I did not need a pad under it, which saved space. Getting it back into the compression sack every AM did take a few extra minutes. The zipper snagged once or twice, but this happens with every bag I've ever had.
I can't be sure exactly what the lowest temp was at base camp (perhaps a bit below freezing), but I can say that others around me had seemingly warm bags and complained of being cold. I was never cold and didn't even bother with the sleeping bag warmers I had brought along, instead I gave them away. I highly recommend this bag, and I would imagine that with a liner and sleeping bag warmers it would be absolutely top notch for the very coldest of nights. (fyi, I'm female and very petite, so it would probably be even better for someone of more average size)