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Karanne Isler

Karanne Islerwrote a review of on August 2, 2011

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This is our 1st tent but i have been camping for years with Scouts. We received it and set it up in the backyard. I do agree one on one thing that the mesh net had a couple of minor snags. The other thing that happened when we set it up is that one of the poles snapped due to something my 7 year old did, not in half but it now has a minor rip where the 2 poles meet but since we went camping this weekend have not had a chance to deal with it but it is not BA's fault and did not compromise the putting the poles together.

I will say that we have 2 adults, 1 male @72", 2 females at 60" and 1 7 year old @48". My hubby and i slept on a queen air mattress. My daughter slept on a twin air mattress and my son slept on the self inflating sleeping bag mat. It was a very tight fit. So much so that in some ways, i wish i had bought a bigger tent. However, I knew that most of the time, my husband would be setting the tent up with the 7 year old for scouts, and that they needed something that was not too unwieldy to set up.

If you use any air mattresses, you will be hard pressed to fit them all in this tent.

I do like the tent. When set up properly and guyed out, we did not have any sags and the tent vestie was great although it would be nice if it was taller and if it zipped to the tent like a sleeping bag or similar. We laid down a tarp in the vestie for our clothes and it really helped with giving us more room.

I like the way the footprint works with the tent and keeps everything situated. I also like the fact that for Scouts, we can leave the vestie at home and not bother with it but for car camping it was invaluable.
Once we guyed it out, we rolled back part of the fly because we knew it was not going to rain and the inner mesh kept us cool and comfie in the 90/70 temps.
We did have some condensation in the vestie but none in the tent, but i confess, we used a fan that kept the air circulating so i think that played a big part in the lack of condensation.
I would definetely buy another Big Agnes tent.

The main thing is that my hubby loved it and he is not a tent camper. He loved the ease of set up and take down.