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Vermont, Utah, BC


Justinwrote a review of on November 10, 2011

5 5

Just tried these out last weekend and they ripped. I have to preface this by saying that I have been skiing Lange race boots for the last 15 years. I was worried that these were not going compare, but I was quite surprised.

They have a thin race liner. I downsized from my Langes and they fit me perfectly. I was worried about the three buckles, but having the 2nd buckle moved up really locks in your heel. It makes sense. These boots get away with three buckles because they are three piece shell, with an stiff plastic tongue under the buckles like the old Raichle or new Full Tilt boots. I have a low-moderate volume foot with low arches. Some people have felt the buckle position is uncomfortable. I like the 100mm last, I'm done squeezing into 97mm last boots.

They are pretty stiff, rated at 135. I like a stiff boot, but those who don't should go for the Firearrow F2 or F3.

They have a great feel. They are supposed to have improved lateral stiffness to drive modern, wide skis. They felt very precice with the ski on edge. I was on a Line Prophet 90, so not super wide. The boots are also relatively light.

I was only able to test them out on groomers. It is November after all, but I can see why these boots got such good reviews. Oh, and I can get them on in off in about 5 seconds as opposed to 15 minutes and a lot of pain with my old boots.