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JustAnotherJoe, Corona CA

JustAnotherJoe, Corona CA

JustAnotherJoe, Corona CA

JustAnotherJoe, Corona CAwrote a review of on November 2, 2004

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When the folks at CWX said they performed years of detailed anatomical research to provide a superior product.....well, let's just say that for a pair of "exercise tights" that seemed a little extreme.

Somewhat skeptical and not a "spandex kind-a-guy", I still wanted to give these a try, so I ordered the CWX-Pro model to coordinate with some of my hiking shorts and trail running shoes. I will definitely say that after four hiking outings of 12-14 miles each, including healthy vertical gains the San Gabriel and White Mountains in CA and the Sangre de Cristo Range in NM, these tights really work wonders to keep you feeling like you have done less than half that amount of work!

I can now go to work on Monday mornings after a strenuous weekend of hiking and climbing and actually walk normally in through the front door, something that I caught a lot of flack over in the past two years! I have ordered two additional pairs of the standard CWX pattern based on my level of personal improvement with the first pair, and will most likely order the shorts models for next summer.

Thanks, CWX, for developing a truly superior product!