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Devin H.

Devin H.

I live in a little old town in Iowa called Muscatine. Its a village.

Devin H.'s Bio

Snowboarding is my life. Im attending a community college currently, but will transfer, graduate with my bachelors and will start my own snowboard shop in 3 years time. Unlikely for a kid from Iowa I know.

My setup is a 09' Rome Slash 156 with 09' Rome 390 bindings. Also, I love 686.

Devin H.

Devin H.wrote a review of on October 27, 2009

5 5

Highest sound quality ive ever gotten out of an earbud. Very portable with skullcandy pouch. Im listening to Chevell Sci Fi Crimes "Mexican Sun" right now and im like F*CK YEAH! Dont break very easily or will at least last longer than other competing buds as they are built with aluminum coat to protect their wires. Durable. Do very well in cold or hot weather. If your on the slopes and are worrying about them falling out, just put a beanie on over your ears, they wont. Comes with a variety of interchangable buds, for consumer pleasure, each having a different feel and fit for slightly smaller or larger ears. You can expect at least 6 months to a year out of these buds. I love you bud....... These buds also have sound blocking abilities. So go buy yourself a full metal jacket and dont worry about crappy soundwaves piercing through your bubble.